Vic Steel’s Autobiography

Vic has been a member of our club since its earliest days.  He’s also designed many models, which have appeared in magazines.  Our club has seen many of these fly for the first time.  Ray Jones was often the pilot, and it was a challenge to his skills to trim these new models.

Vic’s career was in aviation, and modelling was an important side of his life.

Reading his story is fascinating.  Imagine taking a large model by bus, then walking over a mile uphill to a flying site!  And doing this in the middle of a World War.

He’s still a much respected member of our club.

See some of his many pictures here.

Here’s his autobiography, written some years ago.  Enjoy.

Come fly with me through the years

Beginning from 1939 until the War made modelling difficult

World War 2, shortage of model supplies

1944 Flying from Moel Fammau

After the war, model supplies return

Joining the RAF in 1947

From 1982, designing scale sailplanes